Safety has been a major focus at L.S. Womack since our company’s founding in 1979 – as proven by our exemplary safety record over the years. 

We emphasize safety every day and on every project, large or small. We have created a safety-oriented culture that comes from the top down – with everyone from our senior management personnel to our construction crew members taking responsibility for maintaining a safe work environment at all times.

At L.S. Womack, we have developed a comprehensive safety manual to which all employees must adhere. In addition, we hold daily safety meetings on all job sites.

We also provide all new hires with pre-employment safety training – while also providing site-specific safety training at each job location.

Our goal is to strive for zero accidents and zero incidents on every project we undertake.

We understand that safety is of vital importance in today’s construction industry – and that’s why we are focused on preventing unsafe conditions, promoting safety awareness, and upholding the highest safety standards. At L.S. Womack, we have made a strong commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our employees, our clients, and everyone who visits our job sites.

We believe that safety should come first – every day and in every way possible.

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